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Branding Your Business ~With Blogging and Social Media~

Jim Rohn, Speaker, Personal Development expert, said it very eloquently…

Now is an excellent time to start…

You happen to enjoy working with people, and you are in the “people business”.

You’ve wanted to take your business to a more “connecting” business using online or social media… then I definitely would recommend leveraging your business with the workhorse of a blog and/or social media.

(Did you know that Sales is one of the highest paying “jobs” out there?!)

Sales Statistics:

48% of Sales people never follow up with a prospect

12% of sales people only make three contacts and stop

ONLY 10% of Sales people make more than three contacts

2% of Sales are made on the first contact

3% of sales are made on the second contact

5% of sales are made on the third contact

10% of Sales are made on the fourth contact

80% of Sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact

It definitely shows that Sales is more about the relationship, and takes several contacts before you actually do make “the sale.” (So if you have felt that your sales are in a slump, or that the world is passing you by with the online world, you might be encouraged to know you can approach building your business relationships and creating more contacts over time with social media and blogging).

Make sales through the fifth through twelfth contact!

It about your habits of persistence. Inject your sales with business exposure and brand visibility…

So, if you’ve been in business for any amount of time, or just starting a new business, you will realize that relationship building and using MARKETING tools such as a blog and social media portals such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and the newest kid on the block, Periscope, will help to generate the buzz you need to make YOU stand out from the crowd.

People want to be assured that they can know, like and trust you. They want to “know what you are about”. People ultimately want to connect with people. They want to feel safe when they purchase a product or service from you; they are looking for integrity, dependability, and a person who they can talk to when they have questions.

No matter what you have to sell, the SECRET that nobody has been telling you … it all has to do with branding and MARKETING.

So, start your new or existing business by discovering how Social Media Fired Up can provide you with everything you will need to attain a complete and Simple Set Up – thus giving your business the consistent presence online and taking all the frustration out of the process in promoting your business through Social Media Platforms…

  • · Facebook Business Page

  • · Twitter Profile

  • · LinkedIn Business Page

  • · Google Business Page

  • · Pinterest Business Page

  • · YouTube Business Channel

Your time is valuable; have your social presence and branding done correctly the first time.

Bottom line, drop the costly learning curve by having your business presence managed for you so you won’t waste your money or your TIME…

You will feel much more informed once you’ve accessed our FREE Social Media Review by contacting:

Set Up an Appointment TODAY, and let’s discuss your Social Media and Marketing needs to expand Your Brand and grow your business! Contact us below for your social media/blogging management now!

Our team at Social Media Fired-Up looks forward to your amazing Success!!

~ Olga Barasoain ~ Owner/Founder of Social Media Fired Up

Marketing & Social Media Coach



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