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How OFTEN should I post on Instagram and social media?

We just wanted to make a quick post on an important question asked by our followers regarding Instagram and social media: How often should I post on Instagram/social media?

We wanted to give a few quick guidelines about Instagram, posting, and some methods about your other social media accounts to pull it all together for business, goods & services, network marketing, and fun.

Instagram continues to build momentum, and you are not too late to get on!

  • Instagram Account - post 3 times a day.

  • Facebook account – post 5-6 times a day if you have a large, and active audience in you Facebook Business Page

  • Pinterest – 5 times a day (be sure to switch to a business account)

  • Twitter – 5-10 tweets a day minimum, up to 35 tweets (which is not uncommon)

  • YouTube – 1 time a week minimum, but strive for more per week. Once a day is notUncommon though it takes more time to prepare, set up, and post.

You might be curious as to how some Instagram accounts have such a large following. It is usually due to two things: it is either a visual account or a content theme.

Visual accounts have beautiful pictures, and an occasional picture of yourself to humanize the account.

Content theme accounts are based on a specific theme: fitness, food, travel, inspiration.

In addition to the two types of accounts, another way to increase your particular type of account is by having a free "pdf" or product give-away that the visitor can click in your biography link. Having a gift or something of further value or interest which benefits the follow will increase your audience and outreach.

Another idea is to have the clickable link in the biography go straight to your blog. In your blog you expand upon the post from Instagram, adding more information, and links to any products you sell. This is a softer approach to marketing, because you are providing congruent value and information, as well as branding yourself in the process.

Make sure that your content resonates with the reason someone starts following you.

Also, make sure your photos really stand out. Close up pictures are much better than having a small, far-away look. You’ll notice an increase in your engagement because of superior photo shots. It is best not to have more than 3 people in the photo shot that you post in Instagram. Keep group photos to Facebook.

Don’t forget to set aside approximately 15-30 minutes chatting with your followers after each post. You’ll make friends, and enjoy the fun of social media as well!

If you would like to measure your Instagram accounts (business or personal), conversations, or schedule your postings, a great business tool to consider is Iconosquare. It also tracks #hashtag performance, provides all your conversations all in one place, and informs you when is the best time for you to post.

Another business tool for Instagram to build followers which you can compare Iconosqure with is Planoly at .

(This is not an affiliate link, and there is no sales generated from our recommendation – just have fun expanding your business!)

To understand Instagram best, just BEGIN! Don’t feel bad about starting with a small account; it is the best way figure it out.

Warning: don’t buy followers. This would seem obvious, but many people want to have a lot of followers “straight out of the gate running.” This will hurt you in the long term if you are building your business for the long term.

Buying followers is noticeable to the community. You will notice that the quality of the follower doesn’t compare to an organic follower. It is noticeable by the huge discrepancy between your likes, and the following/follower ratio.

Just grow your Instagram organically! You can do it! Growing your business naturally is the cheapest and fastest way to grow your business.

Organic grow includes growing your traffic by sending followers from your other social media platform channels. It is totally ok to collaborate with your other Instagram friends to tag you.

Hashtags also will help you in your Instagram posting. But most importantly, just post consistently!

If this post, “How OFTEN should I post on Instagram and social media?” has been helpful, comment, link and share with friends.

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