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“Hashing It Out With Hashtags”

You’ve seen them. They’re everywhere on social media.

While historically it has masqueraded as a ‘pound symbol’, this simple, little # actually has a big influence on your communication and marketing online.

A hashtag precedes a word or a phrase and transforms it into a searchable link. The hashtag beautifully enables us to bring together related posts, plus it groups and organizes social media posts.

People use hashtags to find topics that are similar and to participate in discussions that are important to them. Click on the hashtag and it displays a magical world which brings together all the posts that are centered around that topic or subject.

Hashtags can be useful when you want to create and monitor visibility on social media platforms. This can be extremely beneficial when monitoring your company or your products. Use them to categorize your social posts, according to a topic or purpose.

Do you like to go to Twitter to find out what the latest trending topics are? Well, your job just got easier, as there are various websites that can decimate and return hashtag results running rampant at any given moment!

  • Need to know what hashtags are trending in your industry? will show you the top ten hashtags related to a specific keyword.

  • Tagboard: Interested in hashtags that work across multiple social media platforms? Tagboard does a great job of curating hashtags that are used on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Tweet Binder: Want a list of related hashtags? You can use Tweet Binder to run a query and find out other related hashtags. This can help when you need to find a specific hashtag that fits your needs. You can also click on the hashtag within Tweet Binder and see recent tweets that have used the hashtag.

  • Keyhole: Want to track real-time results of a specific hashtag on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? Keyhole does a great job of pulling together real-time results in a visual dashboard. ​

As you can surmise, the hashtag can become one of your best friends in helping to promote your product and company on social media. Contact Social Media Fired Up today and let us wield the power of the mighty hashtag to your benefit – we can do that, and so, so much more!

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