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"Tweet Your Sweet Voice to the World As Twitter Adds New Audio Posting Capability"

It always seemed slightly ironic that a website named after the audio sounds of birds was only text-based.

This week, that irony has been quashed with Twitter announcing the rollout of audio tweets!

In an attempt to make human communication more, well, human and personal, Twitter – at least for a limited few at the moment – allows a new audio tweet feature for iOS users that is literally getting people talking! For up to 140 seconds (2 minutes and 20 seconds), you can tweet your heart out – in your own beautiful dulcet tones – your news to the world, in your own voice. The process is easy: first, you tap on the Tweet Compose icon, then tap on the new Voice icon that looks like a bunch of sound waves, then tap the red Record button, start your audio message, then when you’re finished, tap Done! If you exceed the 140-second allocated tweet text time, your audio message will automatically be threaded onto your original tweet, up to 25 tweets. When you are done speaking, tap Tweet, and your audio proclamation will reach the Twitter world! Others will be able to hear your vocal tweet by tapping on it, and it will automatically start playing. Your audio tweet will then minimize in an audio dock at the bottom of your iOS screen, allowing the listener to continue hearing your tweet while they scroll through Twitter.

As many of us have found out in our text-based world, messages can get lost in translation and can sometimes be misconstrued by the recipient. Twitter is hoping to change all that by adding this new audio tweet capability, which should be available to all iOS Twitter users within the coming weeks.

It’s an exciting time for social media platforms – case in point with Twitter – who keep devising better and more dynamic ways to communicate. Contact Social Media Fired Up today, so we can help you capitalize on these advancements and maximize your social media impact to your company’s benefit!


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