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Twitter’s Testing Some New Profile Buttons Which Could Mean Money in the Pockets for Top Tweeters

Twitter account holders may soon be able to add a couple new options to their profiles.

In an effort to compete with other social media apps - audience monetization-wise - Twitter is testing tipping capabilities and “Super Follow” options on profiles.

Although Twitter is still in the process of working through the specifics of these new additions, the general plan is to add a new “Super Follow” button to profiles, which would replace the current “Follow” button. This would work in tandem with a “Tipping” option, allowing supporters and fans of the profile to make donations right on the page. It is envisioned that these new tools will allow Twitter users to make money by offering exclusive content to paying followers, such as subscriber-only newsletters, badges, community access and discounts and deals on that profile’s products and services.

This new strategy, Twitter hopes, will benefit them too, by keeping its top Tweeters posting new content more often, therefore increasing their reliance on, and use of the app. The best Tweeters would therefore spend more time on Twitter, while new features such as exclusive newsletters, eCommerce capabilities and other functions would increase the app’s usage, while expanding options. Business accounts would also get a boost with a new information panel, which would include store directions, contact information, product photo galleries and listing options.

Other social media competitors are also in the race to help their users monetize within their own apps. Facebook is considering offering paid subscriptions for newsletters, while expanding platform elements like its Stars donation option. LinkedIn is working on offering incentive programs for its top users.

Maintaining top app posters is paramount to each platform, and each player in the game realizes that the more tools and options it allows for its top accounts – including the users’ option to make money by just making posts and remaining active – is the key to maintaining a successful and long-term content environment. Some of the bigger platforms are offering monetary incentives – some of which equate to a million dollars a day - for the best app content, so there is big money involved in the game to be the number-one social media platform.

As apps expand their direction and options for their users, it will be interesting to see the new direction Twitter, and its social media opponents will evolve into. Allowing users to monetize on their content, while keeping the app fresh and relevant is a win-win for all parties.


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