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Captivating Captions Stickers Can Now Enhance Instagram Stories

Instagram has added a new goodie to its bag of tricks.

Last week, after performing tests during the last few months, Instagram unveiled captions stickers for its Stories option, allowing users another way for their posts to have a further reach, with more engagement opportunities.

Here’s the low-down on how this nifty, new function works: users record a video, then they apply the caption sticker to it. Based on what is being said in the video, caption stickers will auto-produce captions of text – sometimes accurate, sometimes not. Fear not, however, users will be able to edit the captions, customize the color of the text, its placement on the video, and the font, creating a totally tailored experience.

Instagram’s caption stickers could create new social media opportunities, with its simple and seamless process. Instagram did the same exact thing in the latter part of last year, when they added similar sticker capabilities to their Threads app. This addition helped Threads skyrocket up the download charts, because users of TikTok made and then uploaded videos utilizing this caption choice, boosting its popularity.

The stage was further set last September, when Instagram added the capability to utilize automated captions for IGTV uploads, as well. Caption stickers are slated to also become available to Reels, the only downside to Instagram Stories' captions sticker is its availability. The sticker is currently limited to "English and English-speaker countries," though Instagram does plan on eventually rolling it out to more languages and regions in the future.

Further positive implications of caption stickers will allow brands to reach a bigger audience; whether the viewer has their sound on or off while they’re viewing caption-sticker videos will not matter as much anymore – they will still get the message of the medium.

You can find captions stickers for Instagram Stories in their latest version update.


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