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“Set Your Sights on These Sites”

Are you trying to market your business on social media? Great!

Let’s consider these facts:

  • 81 percent of Americans are on at least one social media site, with over 50 percent being on two or more.

  • 70 percent of companies have obtained customers through Facebook.

  • 93 percent of people with Pinterest accounts plan or make purchases on that site.

  • 71 percent of customers who have positive experiences with a company on social media will recommend that company to their friends and family

With these staggering statistics, you may be wondering, “What site is best for my business?”. We break down the Top 10 social media sites your business may consider, below:

1. Facebook – probably a no-brainer here, but Facebook is the top social media site for businesses. It has 2.4 billion users on a day-to-day basis, and it’s a great platform for brand awareness, obtaining leads, gaining website traffic, and having online conversations. Utilizing Facebook in your social media strategy is sure to get your reach out on a very broad level. You can target your audience by specifying parameters such as age, gender, interests, employment, buying behaviors, and more!

2. Facebook Messenger – the Facebook Messenger app, while still part of Facebook, needs to be downloaded separately in order to use it. Messenger is different enough to include its own advertising campaigns. When a user clicks on an ad, they are prompted to start a message to the business ad they click on, allowing the business to follow up virtually right away.

3. Instagram – this platform is also a huge social media powerhouse, with 500 million daily users. Instagram is actually owned by Facebook, so it shares the same varied user base. Instagram is also visually-centric, and it’s been proven that 80% of people remember things they see as compared to things they hear or read!

4. Pinterest – this platform is great for businesses that offer creative services, plus, it is more female-dominated than other platforms. There are 291 million monthly users on Pinterest – 81 percent being female, and a huge 87 percent say they’ve bought something they’ve seen on Pinterest. If your industry is food-related, and you post recipes, or fashion-related, or cater to wedding planning and ideas, you need to be on Pinterest!

5. Snapchat – this site is also photo and video-dominated, like Instagram, allowing you to send a Snapchat to another user, or you can post a story about your business, which will remain on this site for up to 24 hours. There are 350 million monthly users, with 203 million users on Snapchat daily. A younger demographic utilizes Snapchat (71 percent of users are under 34 years old), so if your business caters to millennials or younger folks, this could be the ideal site for which to promote your business!

6. YouTube – there are over 30 million people on YouTube per DAY, who can potentially view your video-platform content. Google-owned, YouTube also allows you to do an optimized search with the correct keywords.

7. Twitter – Although it’s an older social media site, Twitter still commands 336 million monthly users. This medium’s forte is ‘live-tweeting’, where you can share real-time updates with your audience. Hashtag usage runs rampant on Twitter, which means customers can find you, and you can find customers through the use of hashtags.

8. LinkedIn – 303 million monthly users, mainly professionals, use LinkedIn. Because this platform is heavily business-based, more specific and accurate information is included about a company and its job opportunities. Companies that follow a B2B model can thrive on LinkedIn.

9. TikTok – TikTok is the new kid on the block, launched in 2018. Worldwide, 1.2 billion users take advantage of this site to make and share 15-second videos. 500 million monthly active users put this site ahead of Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. TikTok is mainly used to reach Gen Z users – a sometimes problematic demographic.

10. Yelp – Although this site doesn’t always come to mind when one thinks of social media, it does help to preserve a company’s brand and image. 178 million visitors, who thrive on word-of-mouth recommendations on a product or service, visit Yelp. Yelp is vital to helping a business keep up its reputation via customer reviews, and gives companies an opportunity to respond to and rectify negative comments.

The Internet is a rampant breeding ground for businesses to find their niche in the social media market. The above list is just the Top TEN social media sites for 2019, and there are many others you can use to get your information out and attract customers. Fret not, though; Social Media Fired Up has the handle on the best platforms with which to market your awesome business – call us today, to find out how!


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