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Creating Quality Social Media Content Is Not a Five-Minute Job

We are bombarded with social media every day.

It’s a fast-moving world, too. We can see hundreds of posts, blogs, and Instagram pictures in a short period of time, and we can click right by them in a millisecond. Some companies will hire out-of-country firms to post for them, those companies never taking the time to know the client and their business, as they fit them into a general category from which their posts are built. As a result, their posts do not stand out and get passed on by.

Some businesses with good intentions will try to do their own social media, thinking it will take only a couple of minutes to put up a post, and they wonder why they are not getting any hits, likes, or business. Although a post may not take up a lot of space or time to read, what you say in that post is vital in order to grab a person’s attention and interest. Ironically, most people think a short social media post takes seconds to compose when in reality, good content takes planning and thought – it isn’t a five-minute job.

The goal of social media is to create attention-grabbing, shareable content that will get you results. It can take longer to compose short, intriguing, and interesting posts because every word has to perform. You want to engage, connect, inform, and entertain your followers with solid content, and you only have a limited amount of words to do so.

Research is the key to creating effective content. Your posts have to be targeted to reach and excite the people who matter most to your brand. Consider taking the following steps to ensure your posts align with your brand, plus they bring you the attention you want:

  • Research brand goals for the month and determine which products or services to feature

  • Research monthly news, holidays, and events so your posts align with holidays without competing

  • Review recent news posts from other, non-competing entities, like authority sites or recognizable professionals in your field

  • Research trending events, hashtags, and more to ensure you are part of trending conversations

  • Source high quality, relatable images that are legal to use; create branded images, pins, and posts as needed

  • Review ad performance and tweak as needed

  • Write copy for posts, making sure that each word counts and that the final post and image align with the branding

  • Schedule for optimal timing and optimal audience, with hashtags as needed

While all of this may seem intimidating, it need not be. Social Media Fired Up actually takes the time to get to know you, your brand, and your company’s goals. We will work with you to create relevantly, targeted, and effective content to get the results you desire to grow your business while leaving you precious time to work on your business.


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