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Mompreneurs and Taking Care of Yourself

If you are a Mompreneur, Entrepreneur, Business Woman, Superwoman, Small Business, Enterprise, Own a Shop, Internet Marketer or Network Marketer, you know that the business is dependent on you.



Because YOU A-R-E the Business!

So when life gets crazy, and you have more than too much to do, how do you juggle it all?

Below are

9 Steps on How To Love Yourself More As a Mompreneur

and Take Care of Yourself:

  1. Make a decision to do something you enjoy but have been putting off.

  2. Go play your favorite sport, or watch it in person, or on television.

  3. Read a book.

  4. Treat yourself to a massage because it is a necessity, not a luxury.

  5. Plan a small flower or herb garden, and plan steps to follow through.

  6. Sign up for an educational course to learn something you've been wanting to do... no more putting it off... (a language, a skill like karate or tai chi, an online art class, a cooking class)

  7. Learn to play an instrument

  8. Do something fun.

  9. Do something you normally don't treat yourself to.

  10. Plan that trip you have been putting off, because you only live once and the clock is ticking...

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