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Social media today is such a vital resource for attracting clients, and building valuable relationships with those clients. We can almost say, “vintage media” to mean tv commercials, yellow pages, print ads, radio, billboards, and traditional marketing methods.

Everyone is literally looking down these days… at their iphone, Samsung, and other smartphones. It just makes sense to market your entrepreneurial business in the place where all the eyes are looking for your services.

The extremely good news is that social media and its many platform choices make it a place where every business owner can create a tremendous impact to sell their goods and services, as well as brand themselves by using their greatest strengths.

What Social Media Platforms Are Best?

Are you good at writing, but self-conscious of talking to people? A blog, article writing, or twitter may be your best option to get your business message and expertise out into the world.

Are you comfortable with talking, but feel timid and a bit shy about cameras and videos?

Pod-casting your message could be a perfect social media resource for you.

Does getting in front of the camera and speaking to people come naturally to you? YouTube and other video platforms are great social media outlets for you to reach your business audience.

You can use one social platform, several, or many, depending on your company’s mission and goals. Many social media platforms are free for attracting clients.

Most people now say “Google It,” when looking for something. Is your potential customer looking for your service or product, and you are trying to figure out how to take your business to a higher level online so they can find you?

Do you know how to attract a potential customer, and engage with them long enough to take a social media post and convert it into revenue?

Discover how to use your social media, attract, engage, and shift your business to get a flood of clients!

Brand Yourself

Branding encompasses more than just a logo, or graphic design – it is about building an experience with your customers when using social media.

Branding yourself sets you apart from your competitors, and gives you the unique opportunity to share why you are the answer to your customer’s problems.

Due Diligence and Research

Not all social media is created equal.

As mentioned previously, each social media platform brands you and your company differently. It is critical to find out what works best for your business.

Did you know that service industries do well with Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn? However, Instagram and Pinterest are extremely effective for selling products!

Plan A, B, and C

After you have analyzed and researched which social media platform is perfect for your entrepreneurial business, it is time to plan your content for your target market.

Are you current with what is trending in your niche and market?

Are you communicating and engaging with your audience?

Do you know the best conversation starters, and times to post your information?

Have you made plans which include how many posts per day, best times, and which hashtags to use so you are discovered by your market?

A little bit of planning can save you hours of time which is your most valuable, irreplaceable commodity. Having a calendar for planning your social media posts and content is vital to your business organization and ultimate success.

Strategizing with a professional social media service to set up your favorite social platforms helps eliminate the hesitation and uncertainty of moving forward with social media marketing.

A social media service can also provide an ongoing scheduling of content services for you too.

Searching every day to meet the minimum engagement content needed to build your business audience can make you feel like a slave to your marketing. Don’t be caught desperately searching for content to market your product or service. Don’t focus your thinking on what to post next!

You’ll burn out.

Unless you like being super busy, being the CEO and manager of your entrepreneur business AND being a marketing manager are two full time jobs. Is your expertise in your business, or in marketing?

Be kind and true to yourself: there is only so much of you to go around.

Analyze and Scale It Up

Using a service who manages your social media and content frees you up to make to make the decisions best for your business. As a team, you can drill down to target your customer base and provide the value and care which is the best for your client, and ultimately for your business,

Click the button below to get your FREE 15 minute consultation—it’s your time!

Ready, Set, Go!

Social media marketing is one of the best methods to help you gain a flood of customers.

Now that you have the information, run with it!

You don’t want to miss one of the best ways to connect people to your business—through Social Media!

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